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Using the Search Bar

To use the Search Bar effectively, you must understand how it works, and how articles for sale are catalogued.

The search engine only searches the database of articles for sale. It does not search for any other text on the pages of this site, or for page titles or descriptions. Searching for "Hadrian" will list coins of Hadrian, "Hadrian denarius" will list denarii of Hadrian, and "Hadrian R1084" or "R1084" will list a particular coin of Hadrian, if it is available. "Annona" will list coins with Annona as a reverse type, "Athens" will list coins of Athens,  and "David Sear" will list used books authored by David Sear. Recommended book listings cannot be searched because they are not items for sale.

Cataloguing uses a primary reference to organize coins in a logical sequence, and a secondary reference to more exactly identify the coin. These are tabulated below. If the primary reference number includes an asterisk, it does not describe the exact coin, but the closest match. You can search by primary reference, secondary reference, or both. Our database limits reference numbers to 4 digits, so in cataloguing the Roman series the 4th edition of Sear is used. All other references are to the current editions.

Series Reference Format
Biblical Primary Hendin HXXX*
Secondary Varies Varies
Greek Primary Sear GCV GXXXX*
Secondary Varies Varies
Roman Republic Primary Sear RCV (4th ed.) RXXXX*
Secondary Crawford Cr. XXX/Y
Roman Empire Primary Sear RCV (4th ed.) RXXXX*
Secondary RIC RIC XXX
Greek Imperial Primary Sear GICV GIXXXX*
Secondary Varies Varies
Byzantine Empire Primary Sear BCV BXXXX*
Secondary Varies Varies
Achaemenid Persian Empire Primary Sear GCV GXXXX*
Secondary BMC v. 28 BMC XXX
Parthian Kingdom Primary Shore Shore XXX*
Secondary Sellwood Sellwood XX/Y
Sasanian Kingdom Primary Mitchiner, MACW MACW XXX*
Secondary Varies Varies

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