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 Forgeries can be avoided by purchasing  coins from dealers who guarantee authenticity, but it is still helpful to understand  forgeries and methods  used to create them. 

Considerable research and a large  library are required to  authenticate and attribute ancient coins.  As they study ancient coins,  professional numismatists  tend to acquire further research interests.  This page lists  areas of research that are of special interest to Classical Coins. Websites collectors may find interesting or helpful toward pursuing their interest in ancient coins.


Unidroit eFakes Bronze Disease
FAQ page for the Unidroit-L discussion list. This convention would  significantly impact  collectors of ancient coins. FAQ page for the eFakes-L discussion list. Its theme  is fraud in sale of fakes and misrepresented items to collectors on eBay and other venues. Collectors of bronze coins should understand bronze disease. Here is how it is diagnosed, and how a case of bronze disease can be treated to prevent recurrence.

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