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The field of Ancient Numismatics offers many fertile topics for research and study. Here are some of the research subjects of interest to Classical Coins.

The Value of Money in Ancient Times

How Coin Dies were Made Machining Coin Flans

It's difficult to collect or deal in Ancient Coins   without wondering what they really meant to those who used them in their everyday lives. This page is reserved for a monograph in progress on that subject.


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We still don't know the exact methods that the ancients used to make the dies with which they struck their coins. There are no written records of their die sinking processes, so we must attempt to  reconstruct them from the evidence available in the coins and from surviving archaeological artifacts.

A provocative coin is illustrated that suggests the possibility of hubbing.
Some ancient bronze coins issued by the Ptolemies in Egypt, and by cities in Eastern Europe and Asia Minor during Roman times, have a central dimple on each side whose purpose has long been a subject of discussion. Current thinking is that this dimple is an artifact of some kind of turning or machining process.

8 page monograph with 22 figures

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