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Civil War     193 - 197 ad

Septimius Severus

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After Commodus' assassination, Pertinax was selected by the Senate but was murdered  by the Praetorians after a brief reign. One of the most shameful moments in Roman history followed when the Praetorians auctioned the Empire to  Didius Julianus. The Roman people revolted, appealing to the provincial governors.  Niger of Syria, Albinus of Britain, and Severus of Pannonia all responded and civil war ensued until Severus emerged victorious in 197.
Pertinax.jpg (4278 bytes)
P. Helvius Pertinax
Emperor 192-193

 Prefect of Rome at Commodus' death,  Pertinax (b. 126), tried to change too much too quickly. When this included curbing the Praetorians, they murdered him after a reign of only 86 days.
Relatives depicted on coins

Titania - wife;
Pertinax Caesar - son

Didius.jpg (5538 bytes)
M. Didius Julianus
Emperor 193

For 25,000 sestertii per Praetorian, he became Emperor, but Rome revolted;  Severus invaded Italy and Julianus, deserted by all, was executed after reigning 66 days.

Relatives depicted on coins:
Manlia Scantilla - wife;
Didia Clara - Daughter
Niger.jpg (3839 bytes)
Caius Pescennius Niger
Emperor 193-194

Niger became governor of Syria in 190 after a long army career. Acclaimed by his legions on Julianus'  accession, he was unable to resist Severus whose veterans proved far superior to Niger's forces. After losing four battles he was captured and executed in 194.

Clodius2.jpg (10472 bytes)
Decimus Clodius Septimius Albinus
Emperor 195-197

Albinus became Caesar while Severus dealt with Julianus and Niger. Severus then determined to be absolute master; Albinus was declared a public enemy, and was acclaimed by his legions. He was defeated in a great battle near Lyons and later took his own life.

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