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Aes Grave Issues
289 -213 bc
RRsignatumT.gif (5602 bytes) AesGraveT.gif (24306 bytes)
Aes Signatum

Cast Bronze As

The cast bronze coinage replaced the Aes Signatum ingots (1.6 kg) in 289 bc. The original standard As of 320 to 330 g began to decline in weight due to devaluations after 269 b.c., caused by the demands of the Pyrrhic and Punic wars; at the height of the Second Punic War, the As declined to about 40 g (the Sextantal standard). In 213 b.c. the cast coinage was abandoned for struck coinage based on a silver denarius.

R0044* 1713 Aes Grave Triens of Tuder, Umbria
Obv. --
Hand in cestus; 4 pellets around
Two clubs
Sear 0044v; Thurlow-Vecchi 165; Haeberlin pl. 81, 15-17. Rare
Obverse scratch, casting voids in legend
Otherwise VF, with a nice patina.

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