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Along the southern shore of the Black Sea the Hellenistic kingdoms of Pergamon, Bithynia and Pontus developed from the breakup of Alexander's empire.

Pergamon and Bithynia were small but wealthy realms, famed for the beauty of their cities and the flowering of Greek arts and letters during the later Hellenic period.

Mithra2.gif (10016 bytes)
Mithradates VI Eupator

Pontus was a wilder land many of whose inhabitants were still semi-barbarous. Its last king, Mithradates VI, was a remarkable adventurer who conquered the minor kingdoms of Bosporos and Colchis and then fought three great wars with Rome. After losing the last to Pompey the Great, he committed suicide at the age of 69.

G3642 2247 Pontos, Amisos: AE 21 of MITHRIDATES VI
Obv. -- Aegis
Rev. AMIΣOY Nike adv. r.
7.76 g
Sear 3642: BMC 74. good VF

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G3642 2251 Pontos, Amisos: AE 21 of MITHRIDATES VI
Obv. -- Aegis
Rev. AMIΣOY Nike adv. r.
7.37 g
Sear 3642: BMC 74. VF

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G3644 0295 Pontos, Amisos: AE 20 of MITHRIDATES VI
Obv. -- Laur. hd. of Zeus r.
Rev. AMIΣOY Eagle stg. l. on thunderbolt
7.94 g
Sear 3644: SNGC 134. Porosity, otherwise good VF

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G3675 2257 Paphlagonia, Amastris: AE 22 of Mithradates VI
Obv. -- Aegis
Rev. Nike adv. r.
8.28 g
Sear 3675: BMC 1315 VF

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G3709 2256 Paphlagonia, Sinope: AE 20 of Mithradates VI
Obv. -- Aegis
Nike adv. r.
7.69 g
Sear 3709; BMC 47.
good VF

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