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 Lysimachus, once the bodyguard of Alexander the Great, briefly unified Thrace after Alexander's death,  ruling the kingdom for forty-two years. His gold and silver coins as King bear the portrait of Alexander as Zeus Ammon.

In 281 bc Lysimachus, attacked by Seleukos, died fighting at the battle of Korupedion. His kingdom perished with him.

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Before and after Lysimachus, Thrace was variably divided between its powerful neighbors and minor kings who controlled small parts of Thrace. This page also includes these dynasts.

At the end of the 1st century bc Thrace was absorbed into the Roman Empire, ending dynastic issues.


G6814* 1518 Thrace, Lysimachos: AR 32 Tetradrachm
Obv. -- Hd. of deified Alexander r.
Rev. Athena seated l.
16.87 g
Sear 6814v: Mueller 316. VF

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G6815 1519 Thrace, Lysimachos: AR 35 Tetradrachm
Obv. -- Hd. of deified Alexander r.
Rev. Athena seated l.
17.09 g
Sear 6815: Mueller 106. good VF

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G6819 1432 Thrace, Lysimachos: AE 20
Obv. -- Young male hd. r. in Athenian helmet
Rev. Lion leaping r.
Sear 6819: Mueller, pl. II, 10v. EF, large flan w. contrasting patina

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