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Macedonian Kingdom

Thracian Kingdom

The turbulent history of the Macedonian kingdom took a new turn, when in 359 bc the dynamic Philip II acceded to the throne. He greatly expanded the Macedonian realm, seizing control of mainland Greece, before his assassination in 336 bc.

Alexander III, the Great, succeeded Philip and conquered the Persian Empire. After his death in 323 the Macedonian Empire broke up into several Hellenistic kingdoms, one of which was Macedon.

philip.gif (9195 bytes)
Philip II

Over the next century and a half the fortunes of the Macedonian kingdom varied, starting with the military exploits of Demetrios Poliorketes and ending with the defeat of Philip V at the hands of the Romans.

When Philip's son Perseus later tried to regain full independence from Rome, he was defeated (168 bc), and the Macedonian monarchy came to an end.


G5520 1052 Alexander III of Macedon: AE 20 of Alexandria ad Issum
Obv. --
Hd. of Alexander r. in lionskin
Zeus stg. l.
5.45 g
Sear G5520: SNG Levante 1837
nearly VF

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G6680* 2855 Macedon, Philip II: AR 25 Tetradrachm
Obv. -- Laur. Hd. of Zeus r.
Rev. Naked youth on horse r.
14.15 g Sear 6680v: Le Rider 36, 14ff. toned good VF

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G6713* 1544 Macedon, Alexander III: AR 26 Tetradrachm
Obv. -- Hd. of young Herakles r. in lion skin
Rev. Zeus enthroned l. hldg. eagle. 17.13 g
Sear 6713v: Price 112 good VF
Posthumous issue, Amphipolis mint. Struck under
Antipater, 322-320 BC

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G6718* 1534 Macedon, Alexander III: AR 33 Tetradrachm
Obv. -- Hd. of young Herakles r. in lion skin
Rev. Zeus enthroned l. hldg. eagle. Sear 6718v: types of Price 1825 (drachm).
Rare posthumous issue, unpublished in the major references.
Struck by Lysimachos 299-296 BC
good VF

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G6724* 1540 Macedon, Alexander III: AR 28 Tetradrachm
Obv. -- Hd. of young Herakles r. in lionskin
Rev. Zeus seated l. hldg. eagle & sceptre
17.11 g
Sear 6724*: Price 3704. good VF/VF
Babylon mint. Struck in the name of Alexander III
by Seleukos I, 311-300 BC.

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G6739 0294 Macedon, Alexander III: AE 18
Obv. -- Head. of young Herakles r. in lionskin
Rev. Club above bow & quiver 6.85g Sear G6739: SNGC 1047
nearly VF

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