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The Mediterranean coast of Africa, west of Egypt, was colonized by the Greeks and Phoenicians. Though this area was more fertile in ancient times it was mostly sparsely inhabited. There were two population and trade centers, Cyrenaica to the east and Zeugitania to the west. In Cyrenaica the towns of Kyrene and Barke struck remarkably fine coins celebrating the silphium plant, valuable for its medicinal properties. In Zeugitania the great commercial center of Carthage issued coins not only in Africa, but also in Sicily, Sardinia and Spain. Farther west, Numidia and Mauretania also issued coins, mostly after the destruction of Carthage by the Romans.

G6524 0297 Carthage, AE 20
Obv. -- Wreathed hd. of Tanit l.
Rev. Horse's hd. r., pellet before
4.37 g
Sear G6524: SNG C 170.
Corrosion, otherwise VF

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G6596* 2320 Numidia, Micipsa: AE 25
Obv. -- Laur. hd. l.
Rev. Horse galloping l.
11.61 g
Sear G6596v: SNGC 509ff
uneven strike, oth. VF

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