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The lands between Asia Minor and Africa, except part of Phoenicia, were ruled first by Persia, then Alexander and his successors, down to the 2nd century bc when Rome began to control the area.

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As in Asia Minor, a series of civic silver issues began under the Romans, which was gradually replaced by Roman Imperial coinage. Bronze coinage continued into the Imperial period.

G5868 0201 Apameia: AE 21
Obv. -- Helmeted hd. of Athena r.
Sear 5868: SNGC298. good F

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G6001* 2118 Phoenicia, Arados: AE 15
Obv. -- Hd. of Zeus r..
Rev. Date in Phoenician script Prow of galley l.
2.69 g
Sear G6001v: BMC 134 sl. o/c, oth. VF

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G6038 1908 Phoenicia, Marathos: AE 20 of Ptolemy VI
Obv. -- Bust of Ptolemy VI as Hermes r.
Rev. Date to left - Year 91 (169/8 BC)
Marathos stg. l.
5.86 g
Sear G6038v: BMC 20ff
good VF with a very nice portrait

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