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Greek Mainland

Asia Minor

The small, mountainous land of Greece, situated at the junction of Europe and Asia, was the cradle of Western civilization. The Greeks colonized much of the Mediterranean world.

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Athenian owls, turtles of Aigina, and Pegasus staters of Corinth circulated from Britain to India, and were known and trusted throughout the ancient world.

G2131* 2262 Thessaly, Larissa: AE 20 Tetrachalkon
Obv. -- Hd. of nymph Larissa 3/4 facing to l.
Rev. Horse trotting r.
9.72 g
Sear 2131v; SNGC 138. VF

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G2405 2088 Boeotia, Thebes: AE 11
Obv. --
Boeotian shield
Trident & dolphin
2.40 g
Sear 2405: BMC 108.

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