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Magna Graecia

Northern Greece


Between the Greek mainland, the kingdom of Macedon, and the Danube, a large area extending from the Adriatic to the Black Sea was populated by tribes whose trade with Greek colonies led them to issue coins of their own.

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Under Lysimachus, Thrace (including the later Roman province of Moesia) briefly became a great kingdom, but through most of Greek history it was divided between its powerful neighbors, who fought many battles there.

G1636* 1571 Thrace, Maroneia: AE 16
Obv. -- Horse prancing r.
Square containing vine
4.34 g
Sear 1636v; SNGC 630ff
good VF

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G1659* 0894 Thrace, Kallatis: AR Octobol
Obv. -- Hd. of young Herakles r. in lion-skin
Ear of corn & club/cased bow
5.00 g
Sear 1659v: BMC 1.

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G1676 1576 Thrace, Mesembria: AE 18
Obv. Diad. female hd. r.
Rev. Athena adv. l.
5.42 g
Sear 1567: BMC 3, 8-10. good VF

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G1676 1577 Thrace, Mesembria: AE 18
Obv. Diad. female hd. r.
Rev. Athena adv. l.
6.38 g
Sear 1567: BMC 3, 8-10. VF

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G1680 1572 Thrace, Odessos: AE 15
Laur. hd. of Apollo r.
Great god reclining l.
3.30 g
Sear G1680; BMC 3.3

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