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Judaea Capta

City Coins of Palestine

New Testament

Roman Provincial Coins from cities in the Holy Land

The Provincial series includes coins from the late first century to the middle of the third century, issued by thirty-eight cities in ancient Israel and Transjordan.

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Civic Issue of Gaza

Like other Provincial coins, nearly all are bronze and most bear the portrait of the reigning emperor. The legends of most of these coins are in Greek.

GI0877 0203 Domitian: AE 13 of Canata
Obv. DOMITI KAICAP Laur. hd. L.
Rev. KANAT ZHP Turreted hd. of Tyche l.
1.37 g
Sear GI 877: Lindgren 2201, Hendin 841V. Rare. nearly VF

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GI3385* 2877 Severus Alexander: AE 27 of Caesarea
Obv. Laur. bust r.
Rev. Mt. Argaeus surmounted by wreath
13.28 g
Sear GI3366v; Syd. 35
VF, contrasting dark green patina

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