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The Jewish War, 66-73 ad and the Bar Kochba War, 132-135 ad

In May of 66,  zealots drove the Romans out of Jerusalem and neighboring communities. The Twelfth Legion was sent from Syria to suppress the revolt, but was defeated. Nero then put Vespasian in charge of several legions and this force, after Vespasian had meanwhile become emperor, overwhelmed the disunited Jewish militants.

shekel.gif (5358 bytes)

Shekel of the First Revolt

After the suppression of the revolt, the Temple was destroyed and Jews were expelled from Jerusalem. Resentment of this led to a major revolt in Mesopotamia under Trajan, and a later revolt in Judaea by Bar Kochba, in the course of which nearly all the Jews in Palestine were killed. Most of the survivors were exiled by the Romans.

H0670 1194 Judaea, 1st Revolt: AE Eighth
Obv. Chalice with pearled rim
Rev. Lulav between etrogs
5.64 g
Hendin 670
nice VF with contrasting desert patina

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