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Before the Romans

The Roman Procurators

The Revolts

The Prefects of Judaea, 6 ad - 66 ad

After Herod Archelaus was exiled for misrule in 6 ad, Augustus appointed a prefect, Coponius, to rule Judaea as a part of Syria. Up to the reign of Herod Agrippa I, the procurators were reasonably honest, although relations with the Jews were uncomfortable. In 41 Herod Agrippa I became king and reigned until his death in 44.

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Prutah of Coponius

When Judaea reverted to rule by procurators, trouble developed. Procurators became more and more avaricious, until the last, Gessius Florus, after many lesser provocations, tried to extort 17 talents from the temple. This led to the revolt of 66 ad which was suppressed by the Roman army.

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