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Constantine I

The Family of Constantine


Constantine was succeeded by three sons, whose coins appear on subsequent pages.
Helena.jpg (6758 bytes) Flavia Julia  Helena 
(St. Helena)

First wife of Constantius,  Mother
Theodora.jpg (5096 bytes) Flavia Theodora Maxima

Fausta.jpg (7361 bytes) Flavia Fausta Maxima
Sister of Maxentius

Second wife
Helena, a Christian,  helped to moderate  persecution. She had considerable influence under Constantine's reign, spending her last years in charitable and religious works, including discovery of the True Cross. Her feast day is August 18. Daughter of Maximian,  second wife of Constantius,  mother of Constantine's half-sister Constantia, (wife of Licinius), and mother of Delmatius, Constantine's esteemed half-brother.  Mother of three sons of Constantine, whom she hated for killing her father and brother. In 326 she accused  Crispus of treason and he was executed; when the truth came out, Fausta died in a bath of boiling water.

Crispus.jpg (5418 bytes)

Flavius Julius Crispus


Eldest Son

Delmatius.jpg (6500 bytes) Flavius Julius Delmatius
Caesar 335-337

Hannibalianus.jpg (4998 bytes) Flavius Claudius Hanniballianus
Rex Armeniae 335-337

Crispus played a leading role in the war with Licinius, and was in charge of the western provinces , when he was executed for adultery on false evidence lodged by Fausta. When Constantine learned the truth from Helena, the grieving emperor commissioned statues in memory of his innocent son. Son of Constantine's half-brother, he was in charge of Greece and Moesia as Constantine prepared for war with Persia. After the sudden illness and death of Constantine, Delmatius was put to death after an interregnum of four months. Son of Constantine's half-brother, he was styled king of Armenia, Pontus and Cappadocia; but the war to secure these territories never took place, and during the interregnum after  Constantine's death, he was put to death with his brother Delmatius.

R3905* 2385 Fausta: AE 3 (20 mm)
Obv. FLAV MAX FAVSTA AVG Diad. & dr. bust r.
Rev. SPES REIPVBLICAE Fausta stg. facing hldg. children
3.06 g
Sear 3905v*; RIC 40 (Cyzicus) nearly EF, good portrait

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R3915* 2380 Crispus Caesar: AE 3 (20 mm)
Obv. IVL CRISPVS NOB CAES Laur. & cuir. bust l. w. spear & shield
Rev. BEATA TRANQLITAS (sic) Altar inscr. VOTIS XX
2.77 g
Sear 3915v; RIC 308 (Trier) nearly EF

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R3917* 0854 Crispus Caesar: AE 3 (20 mm)
Obv. CRISPVS NOB CAES Laur., dr. & cuir. bust r.
Rev. CAESARVM NOSTRORVM Laurel wreath around VOT/V
3.13 g
Sear 3917v; RIC 87 (Aquileia)
good VF

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R3917* 2072 Crispus Caesar: AE 3 (20 mm)
Obv. FL IVL CRISPVS NOB CAES Laur., dr. & cuir. bust l.
Rev. CAESARVM NOSTRORVM Laurel wreath around VOT/V
2.63 g
Sear 3917v; RIC 118 (Thessalonica)
good VF

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R3918* 0785 Crispus Caesar: AE 3 (20 mm)
Obv. IVL CRISPVS NOB C Laur. bust r.
3.20 g
Sear 3918v; RIC 181 (Siscia) minor patina roughness (encrustations), otherwise EF

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R3927 2066 Crispus Caesar: AE 3 (22 mm)
Obv. IVL CRISPVS NOB C Armed bust l.
Rev. VIRTVS EXERCIT Standard btw. captives
3.27 g
Sear 3927; RIC 130 (Siscia) sl. uneven, oth. EF

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R3931* 2130 Delmatius Caesar: AE 3 (18 mm)
Obv. FL DELMATIUS NOB C Laur. bust r.
Rev. GLORIA EXERCITVS 1 standard btw. 2 soldiers
1.42 g
Sear 3931*; RIC 256 (Siscia) VF. Rare

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