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Valentinian III
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Severus III
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Julius Nepos
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Romulus Augustus

The Fall of the West - 423-476
After Honorius, military and economic conditions in the West deteriorated, and apart from Valentinian III, most emperors had brief reigns. There was tension between Constantinople and the German strongmen managing military affairs; several emperors were deposed by the Eastern emperor. After Majorian's expedition to recover Africa failed, the situation was hopeless and later emperors were mere puppets. Coins of most of these emperors are rare.

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Theodosius II
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The Late Eastern Empire
In contrast to the turmoil in the West, the wealthier and more populous Eastern Empire enjoyed a century of relative peace under five effective emperors. The last, Anastasius, introduced a coinage reform in 498 that ended the Roman series and begins the Byzantine Empire.

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The Fall of the West

423-476 a.d.

The Late Eastern Empire

402-498 a.d.

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