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To introduce you to collecting ancient coins and to our site, we have provided these information links. Each takes you to a page that offers an introduction to the subject.
Please also visit the pages describing our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Shipping Information.

Navigating this Site

Getting Started A Brief Overview of Ancient Coins

How our site is organized, and navigating it to find the items you are most interested in.

Are you new to this? Suffering from information overload? This page describes how to begin as a collector of ancient coins. It's  not difficult and you can take it at your own pace. A  concise survey of the invention and evolution of coinage during antiquity, with images of many notable ancient coins. In four sections:   Greek coins, Roman coins, Byzantine coins and Persian coins.
Why You Should Collect Ancient Coins
How Ancient Coins Were Made
Preservation, Cleaning and Conservation
As an investment? Perhaps, but that is by no means the only reason to collect ancient coins. This page discusses some of the other attractions. In modern mints, coining presses churn out thousands of identical coins per hour. All ancient coins were  struck by hand, causing variations that greatly add to their interest. "Cleaning" modern coins is frowned on,  but nearly all ancient coins have been cleaned. Here you will learn how these coins survived to be collected, and how conservators prepare ancient coins for the collector.
Grading Standards Numismatic Glossary Bibliography
Images of all ancient coins offered for sale ar provided, so you can judge their condition for yourself, but it is still important to know how the condition of  ancient coins is described. Many very specialized terms are used to describe ancient coins and their condition. You will find them listed here, with explanations of their meaning.
Coin descriptions include citations to standard references such as museum collections. On this page, reference works used in cataloguing coins offered by Classical Coins are detailed.
What were the major denominations or coin values used by the ancients? Find out here.    

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