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Lucius Septimius Severus
Emperor 193 - 211

Born 146, Severus was an outstanding soldier who commanded in Pannonia when Commodus was overthrown. Loyal to Pertinax, after the auction of the Empire to Julianus he was proclaimed Emperor by his troops, marched on Rome, then spent four years disposing of his rivals Pescennius Niger and Clodius Albinus. His reign was largely devoted to campaigning and visiting the provinces, and the last three years were spent in Britain where he died on campaign February 4, 211.

Relatives depicted on coins:
Julia Domna - wife


GI2132* 2286 Septimius Severus: AE 18 of Philippopolis
Obv. AVT K Π CEVHPOC Laur. hd. r.
Rev. ΦIΛIΠΠOΠOΛIT Herakles stg. facing, w. club & lion skin, holding son
4.33 g
GI2132*: Varbanov 1356v, Moushmov 5289 VF/EF
Extremely rare example portraying Herakles holding his son Telephos.

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GI2221* 2760 Septimius Severus: AE 24 of Bruzus
Obv. Laur. hd. r.
Rev. Zeus seated l.
6.94 g
Sear GI 2121v: BMC 8; ex Brian Kritt coll.
EF, superb contrasting patina. Extremely rare!

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GI2231* 3432 Septimius Severus: AE 24 of Antiochia, Pisidia
Obv. IMP C L SEP SEVERVS Laur. hd. r.
Rev. ANTIOCH CENI COL CAES Tyche stg. l.
4.98 g
Sear GI 2231v; SNG France 1114
EF, nice contrasting patina.

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GI2285* 0999 Septimius Severus & Julia Domna: AE 25 of Marcianopolis
Obv. Confronted busts
Rev. Hades enthroned l.
11.63 g
Sear GI 2285v: Pick 597 sl. legend weakness, otherwise good VF

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R1772* 0306 Septimius Severus: AR Denarius
Obv. L SEVERVS AVG PART MAX Laur. hd. r.
Rev. P M TR P VII COS II PP Victory flying l.
3.27 g
Sear 1772v; C. 454; RIC 150
flan crack, otherwise good VF

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R1789* 3344 Septimius Severus: AR 18 Denarius
Rev. VICT AVGG COS II P P Victory adv. l.
Sear 1789v; RIC 499.
nearly EF, toned. Scarce civil war issue (Laodicea, 198)

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