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69  - 96
In 69 the legions marshalled by Nero to suppress the Jewish rebellion learned that Vitellius had seized power after the deaths of Nero, Galba and Otho. They acclaimed their commander Vespasian Emperor. His son Titus remained in command of the Jewish war, while Vespasian's troops invaded Italy and Vitellius was defeated at the battle of Cremona.

Vespasian.jpg (3451 bytes)

T. Flavius Vespasianus
Emperor 69-79

Vespasian [b. 9] was one of Rome's best Emperors. Competent, just and industrious, he rapidly restored order and the Empire prospered under his reign. He was  deified after his death in 79.

Relatives depicted on coins:
Domitilla - wife;
Domitilla Jr. - daughter

Titus.jpg (3657 bytes)

Titus Flavius Vespasianus
Emperor 79-81

Titus [b. 41] was his father's right hand man as general and as Caesar. He ruled benevolently and his premature death in 81 was greatly lamented.

Relatives depicted on coins:
Julia Titi - daughter

Domitian.jpg (4245 bytes)

T. Flavius Domitianus
Emperor 81-96

A capable administrator, Domitian [b. 51] lacked the commanding presence of his father and brother. His inability to control the Senate led to many plots to overthrow him, and his last years were a reign of terror, ending in assassination by a palace conspiracy.
Relatives depicted on coins:
Domitia - wife;
Vespasian Jr. - adopted son



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