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Tiberius Claudius Nero

Emperor 14 - 37
The ministry and crucifixion of Jesus Christ occurred during this reign.
Tiberius [b. 42 bc] was forced to divorce his wife to marry Agrippa's widow Julia. His  unhappy marriage strained relations within the imperial family, and only after all  other candidates died was Tiberius chosen to succeed.  He gradually took over administration from the aging Augustus, taking the throne reluctantly after Augustus' death in 14. Despite his great military and administrative  ability,  Tiberius was never happy as Emperor. His intended heirs Germanicus and Drusus  died in the prime of life under suspicious circumstances, after which Tiberius spent his last years as a recluse in a villa on Capri.

Relatives depicted on coins:  

Drusus - son; Nero Claudius Drusus - brother;
Antonia, sister-in-law;  Germanicus,  son; Agrippina,  wife; Nero & Drusus Caesars, sons of Germanicus.

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