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Heirs of

The Houses of Valentinian
 and Theodosius

The Late

364 - 423

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Valentinian II
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Magnus Maximus
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Priscus Attalus
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Constantine3Th.jpg (1817 bytes)
Constantine III
Constantius3Th.jpg (1697 bytes)
Constantius III

After Jovian's death and the brief revolt of Procopius, Valentinian (with his brother Valens) ruled effectively until his death in 375. Valens fell in battle against the Goths three years later. Gratian and Valentinian II succeeded in the West, Theodosius in the East. Magnus Maximus overthrew Gratian in 383 and Valentinian II fled to the East.   Theodosius then overcame Maximus to restore Valentinian, who was again overthrown in 392 by Eugenius,  whom Theodosius also defeated and executed in 394. Theodosius died in 395, upon which the empire was divided between his sons, who proved to be very weak emperors. Arcadius had an uneventful reign; that of Honorius was longer and much more troubled, as the Goths sacked Rome and usurpers Priscus Attalus, Jovinus and Constantine III briefly held power. The energetic general Constantius did much to restore western Roman fortunes in the latter part of this reign; he married Honorius' half-sister and was proclaimed Augustus in 421, but died six months later. Honorius expired in Ravenna in 423.

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R4139* 2042 Gratian: AE 2 Centenionalis (26 mm)
Obv. D N GRATIANVS P F AVG Diad., dr. & cuir. bust r.
Rev. REPARATIO REIPVB Gratian stg. l.
4.68 g
Sear 4139v; RIC 26a (Siscia) obv. patina irregular, oth. gVF

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The House of Valentinian

364-392 a.d.

The Age of Theodosius

379-395 a.d.

Arcadius and Honorius

395-423 a.d.

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