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Constantine2Th.jpg (1771 bytes)
Constantine II
ConstansTh.jpg (1407 bytes)
Constantius2Th.jpg (1660 bytes)
Constantius II
MagnentiusTh.jpg (1754 bytes)
JulianTh.jpg (1223 bytes)
Julian II

Constantine had planned for his sons and nephews to jointly rule the empire, but after his death a power struggle ended in the deaths of his nephews Delmatius and Hannibalianus, and the empire was then divided between Constantine II, Constans and Constantius II. Three years later,  Constantine II attacked Constans, and was killed in the fighting;  Constans ruled the West until he was overthrown by Magnentius in 350. Constantius II took the field against Magnentius, defeated him, and ruled alone until 361, when he died on campaign against Julian II, whose brief reign ended two years later in death in battle against the Persians.

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Constantine II and Constans

337-350 a.d.

Constantius II and Magnentius

337-361 a.d.

Julian II and Jovian

361-363 a.d.

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