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285 - 324 ad

The First Tetrarchy
British Empire

The Successor Tetrarchs
(For coins of Constantine see the next page)

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Diocletian, Maximian,
Galerius, Constantius

Carausius and Allectus Severus II Maxentius Maximinus II Licinius

Diocletian realized that one emperor and one field army could not simultaneously deal with all the threats facing the empire, and established a system whereby two emperors and two Caesars divided the empire into four commands. This worked very well while Diocletian was emperor, but after he retired, the successor tetrarchs fought among themselves until Constantine emerged as sole ruler.

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The First Tetrarchy

285-305 a.d.

The British Empire

287-297 a.d.

The Successor Tetrarachs

305-324 a.d.

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