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First Tetrarchy

The First British Empire

Successor Tetrarchs

Carausius.jpg (6176 bytes)
M. Aurelius Mausaeus Carausius
British Emperor 287-293

Carausius, a Menapian  commanding the  fleet at Boulogne, took up piracy, and conquered Britain. He ruled effectively for six years, defeating all attempts to recover Britain, but in 293,  after reverses including the loss of Boulogne, he was overthrown by his treasurer Allectus.

Empire.jpg (5858 bytes)
The First British Empire
Maximian appointed Carausius to command his fleet,   with orders to suppress pirates off the coasts of Gaul and Britain. Carausius took up piracy himself and conquered Britain. Maximian initially could not suppress this rebellion, but in 293 Constantius took Boulogne; Carausius was overthrown, and Allectus was unable to resist a later invasion of Britain.
Allectus.jpg (6579 bytes)
British Emperor 293-297

Apart from his coinage, Allectus is an enigma; we do not even know his full name.   He lacked the military ability of Carausius, and when Constantius landed in Britain in 297, Allectus was deceived by  diversionary tactics, caught off balance and killed in battle.

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