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The First Tetrarchy

British Empire

285 - 305 ad
Diocletian reorganized the administration of the Empire, breaking the provinces into smaller units grouped into twelve dioceses. Governors lost their military authority,  military commands became independent of provincial boundaries, the Senate lost most of its privileges, and Italy became subject to full taxation. Fiscal measures included monetary reform and a price fixing edict. The Tetrarchy is also remembered for severe persecutions of Christians [303- 313].

Diocletian.jpg (3674 bytes)
C. Aurelius Verus

Augustus 285 - 305

Diocletian [b. ca. 245] became emperor after the death of Carinus. He reformed the empire, transforming the Principate into the Dominate, before his death in 311 at his palace at Spalato.

Galerius.jpg (4953 bytes)
Galerius Valerius Maximianus

Caesar 293-305
Augustus 305-311

Galerius [b. ca. 260] became Caesar in the East in 293, and Augustus when Diocletian retired in 305. He died of cancer in 311.

Maximianus.jpg (7865 bytes)
M. Aurelius Valerius Maximianus

Caesar 285-286, Augustus 286-305, 306-308, 310

Maximian [b. ca. 250] was first Caesar in the West, then junior Augustus in 286. He reluctantly retired in 305, returning when his son Maxentius took power,  and  later (briefly) in 310.
Constantius.jpg (4449 bytes)
Flavius Valerius Constantius

Caesar 293-305
Augustus 305-306

Constantius [b. ca. 250] recovered Britain for the empire as Caesar in the West.  Soon after his elevation to Augustus, he died in 306.









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