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The Time of Troubles


259 - 285 ad

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Claudius II
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During the disastrous reign of Gallienus, Gaul, Spain and Britain broke away under Postumus as a Gallic Empire that endured for fifteen years. Claudius II succeeded Gallienus, won a tremendous battle against the Goths, but died of plague. Under the forceful and competent Aurelian, the empire was reunited; after his tragic assassination Tacitus briefly followed, succeeded by Probus, who achieved military and economic recovery before his own murder by mutinous soldiers. Carus was then acclaimed and defeated the Persians, and was killed on campaign by lightning. His son Numerian was soon assassinated, after which Diocletian was acclaimed. Carinus then confronted Diocletian, but was assassinated by a disgruntled officer.

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The Gallic Empire

259 - 273 a.d.

Claudius II and Quintillus

268 - 270 a.d.


270 - 275 a.d.

Tacitus and Florian

275 - 276 a.d.


276 - 282 a.d.

Carus and his sons

282 - 285 a.d.

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