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197 - 235

SepSevTh.jpg (1600 bytes)
Septimius Severus
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MacrinusTh.jpg (1455 bytes)

SevAlexTh.jpg (1774 bytes)
Severus Alexander

Septimius Severus founded a new dynasty, designating both his sons to succeed. But Caracalla and Geta hated each other, and Geta was soon killed. Caracalla reigned brutally but effectively until overthrown by his prefect Macrinus, who was then defeated by the Parthians and soon overthrown by a cousin of Caracalla. The four year reign of Elagabalus was notorious for excess, ending in his assassination; Severus Alexander then succeeded and ruled until he was overthrown by Maximinus in 235.

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Septimius Severus

193 - 211 a.d.

Caracalla & Geta

198 - 217 a.d.

Macrinus & Elagabalus

217 - 222 a.d.

Severus Alexander

222 - 235 a.d.

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