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Caius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus
27 bc - 14 ad

Octavian [b. 63 bc] received the honorific Augustus from the Senate in 27 bc,  after consolidating his position as master of the Roman world. He carefully transformed the Republic into the Principate by controlling key offices and the army.  During his reign the state received excellent government, and institutions later sustaining the Principate were developed.  On his death in 14,  the Principate was recognized as an effective system of government and it was realized that resurrecting the Republic would be unwise.
Relatives depicted on coins:

Livia - wife; Agrippa - son-in-law;
Julia - daughter; Grandchildren: Caius and Lucius; Agrippa Postumus.


GI0032 2313 Augustus: AE Semis (16 mm) of Philippi
Nike stg. l. on globe, hldg. wreath & palm
3 standards
3.42 g
Sear GI0062; RPC 1651
good Fine
This issue commemorates the decisive Battle of Philippi (42 bc), in which the Second Triumvirate led by Octavian and Mark Antony defeated the Senatorial forces of Brutus and Cassius.

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