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Much of the territory of the Parthian Kingdom was actually ruled by three client kingdoms: Characene, Elymais and Persis.  Persis, home of the Persian race, was the most important. During the 2nd and early 3rd century, the Parthian realm was repeatedly invaded by the legions of the Roman Empire. This weakened the Parthian Kingdom and led to its downfall.

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King of Persis

 The Persians first rebelled under Papak (son of Sasan). His son Artashir overthrew the Parthians, and resurgent Persis reclaimed its old empire. The Sasanian Kingdom was an expansion of the kingdom of Persis, and the ceremonies of the Zoroastrian religion played a prominent part both in public life and in the devices on Sasanian  coinage.

Late Parthian

Parthian Client Kingdoms
105 ad - 228 ad

Early Sasanian

Characene Elymais Persis

G6191* 2734 Persis, Autophradates I: AR 29 Tetradrachm
Obv. -- Bearded hd. r. in satrapal headdress
Rev. King l. beside fire-altar, Ahuramazda above
Sear G6191, Alram 535 EF/VF, overstruck as usual, a really superb portrait
The unusual protrusion at the King's chin is the earflaps of his headdress.

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