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M. Aurelius Valerius Maxentius
Caesar 306-307
Augustus 307-312

Maxentius [b. ca. 283], son of Maximian, was discontented at not becoming Caesar when Diocletian and Maximian retired in 305. When Galerius revoked Italy's tax immunity, Maxentius revolted, first being proclaimed Caesar and then Augustus. He recalled his father Maximian, with whose powerful aid he defeated Severus and repelled an invasion by Galerius. Declared a public enemy at the Carnuntum conference, Maxentius reigned in Italy until dying in battle at the Milvian Bridge against Constantine in 312.

Relatives depicted on coins: Romulus - son
Usurper: Alexander


R3779* 3324 Maxentius: AE 22 Follis
Obv. IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG Laur. hd. r.
Rev. CONSERV VRB SVAE Roma in temple presents globe
6.68 g
Sear 3779v; RIC 210 some flatness, oth. VF

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