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2nd Punic War and Later
Denarius Issues and Associated Bronze Coinage
212 - 41 bc
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Gaius Marius
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Lucius Cornelius Sulla

Standard Types
10 As Valuation

Standard Types
16 As Valuation

R0268 1214 L. Rubrius Dossenus: AR Quinarius
Laur. hd. of Neptune r.
Rev. L RVBRI Victory walking r.
Sear 268, Cr. 348/4. good VF

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R0231* 2535 L. CAESIUS: AR 20 Denarius
Obv. --
Youthful bust of Veiovis l.
Rev. L CAESI The Lares seated r.
2.45 g
Sear 231v, Syd. 564. toned VF

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