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Theodosius2.jpg (3743 bytes)
Theodosius II
Relatives depicted on coins:
Eudocia - wife; Pulcheria - sister
Marcian.jpg (5768 bytes)
Relatives depicted on coins: Euphemia - daughter
Leo.jpg (4555 bytes)
Leo I
Relatives depicted on coins:
 Verina - wife
Zeno.jpg (4838 bytes)
Relatives depicted on coins:
 Ariadne - wife

Usurpers: Basiliscus,  Leontius
Anastasius.jpg (5054 bytes)
Anastasius I

While the Western empire disintegrated, the East, though not without its own problems, was relatively peaceful . The long reign of Theodosius II was disturbed only by the ravages of Attila in the Balkans. After Theodosius died, Marcian, a distinguished soldier and senator, was chosen; his reign was one of peace and prosperity. Leo succeeded Marcian and secured the future of the Eastern Empire, by replacing the Germans who made up most of the army with equally formidable Isaurians, natives of the Empire. After his death his infant grandson Leo II succeeded, who died in less than a year under the regency of Zeno, his father, who succeeded.  Zeno was unpopular and his reign was troubled by the revolts of Basiliscus and Leontius, as well as invasions by the Ostrogoths. On his death in 491 he was succeeded by Anastasius, who was chosen by empress Ariadne and soon married her. Anastasius ruled effectively until his death in 518, but the Roman series terminates with the coinage reform of 498.

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