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Our finest and rarest ancient coin offerings, selected from all the pages on this site, are brought together on these Premier Coin Pages for perusal by discriminating collectors and investors.

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GI0881* 0272 Domitian Caesar: AE 20 of Caesarea
Rev. Nike carrying wreath
5.44 g
Sear GI0881v; AJC II, 291,8; HENDIN 750 F
Scarce and sought after type, part of the Judaea Capta series commemorating Roman victory over the Jews.

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H0441* 2705 Samaria: AR 7 1/4 Obol
Obv. -- Persian Great King in kneeling/running attitude r.
Rev. -- Rider on horse galloping r., hurling spear
0.27 g
Hendin 441v, Meshorer SC 192 aVF/VF

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H0441* 2706 Samaria: AR 10 Obol
Obv. -- Goat kneeling r., head reverted
Rev. -- Janiform head
0.88 g
Hendin 441v, Meshorer SC 144 VF/gVF

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H0441* 2720 Samaria: AR 11 Obol
Obv. -- Bearded male hd. r.
Rev. -- Lion's scalp facing
0.70 g
Hendin 441v, Meshorer SC 161 VF

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H0441* 2721 Samaria: AR 10 Obol
Obv. -- Persian king walking l. hldg. 2 lions
Rev. -- Two men walking l. carrying animal on pole
0.55 g
Hendin 441v, Meshorer SC 130 nearly EF

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H0441* 2722 Samaria: AR 9 Obol
Obv. -- Deity w. 4 wings facing l.
Rev. -- Rider galloping l.
0.60 g
Hendin 441v, Meshorer SC 124 gVF/F

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H0670 1194 Judaea, 1st Revolt: AE Eighth
Obv. Chalice with pearled rim
Rev. Lulav between etrogs
5.64 g
Hendin 670
nice VF with contrasting desert patina

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