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Collecting Ancient Coins offers you wonderful opportunities to profit, both financially and intellectually. Here are some benefits you will experience from this fascinating avocation.

Investment Potential The Present Market History

Ancient coins have been collected internationally for 2000 years --the market for them is not a fad that may lose popularity. They are far less speculative than modern coins or many other collectibles.  If you select coins with an eye toward  resale value, as well as your collecting interests, you should do well when it's time to sell.

Really superb Ancient coins, and rarities, have always commanded high prices. But most coins in attractive  condition are now more affordable than ever, thanks to recent finds with metal detectors. This oversupply won't last long, but while it does it's a wonderful opportunity for collectors. It's impossible to collect ancient coins without learning about the history of the ancient world. This fascinating subject is alive today, as "quantitative history" sheds new light on old subjects. Numismatic evidence is an important part of the historical record (which in certain areas, is only known from coins),  and is also an indispensable tool for the archaeologist.
Economics Art New Friends
Ancient coins tell us much about economics and trade in long-ago times, and are often the principal or only evidence of economic activities. An interesting aspect of collecting ancient coins is understanding  what these coins meant to the people who used them in their daily lives. All ancient coins were struck by hand from dies sunk by talented artisans. Unlike  modern coins whose mass-produced sameness bores collectors into seeking microscopic variations, many ancient coins are genuine works of art; each is  in some degree individual and unique. Collecting ancient coins is a wonderful way to make new friends - first coins as they join your collection, next other collectors and dealers you meet. This was once the avocation of emperors, kings, and the nobility; today doctors, executives and academic professionals share your interest in ancient coins.

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