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  Informative Sites (9)

Numismatic page of Dario Ferro. This site, still under construction, is dedicated to numismatics and to Ligurian history of the Middle Ages. A section is dedicated to Roman Imperial history. You will also find much interesting numismatic information and links to interesting sites.
Ancient Roman and Greek Coins, Frequently Asked Questions
Kernunnos - a great Celtic coin site
An interesting German site on collecting with a section on Roman coins.

Getting Started With Ancient Coins
Reid Goldsborough's informative page for beginners

This site is dedicated to providing information about numismatics, the study and collecting of coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and other similar objects. Numismatica brings you an extensive selection of numismatic FAQs, glossaries, biographies, news, articles, stories, reviews, trivia, humor, and references.

This is a really fascinating website, whose many attractions include some very valuable information about scientific experiments in striking reproductions of ancient coins.
Parthia: The Parthian Empire - History and Coins of Ancient Parthia
The Coinage of Pontius Pilate

Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins
Web site devoted to helping students and teachers learn more about ancient Roman coins. These pages contain images and descriptions of coins from the Early Republic through the end of the 4th century A.D. and the formal division of the Roman Empire into east and west.
Ancient Roman, Greek, and Byzantine Coins Reference for Attribution and Valuation

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