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Classical Coins provides you with high quality digital images of the coins we offer. Created by a high resolution digital camera system, these images are far superior to scans.

Lighting is fully controlled, unlike scans, and is arranged to convey the most accurate impression of the preservation and surface condition of each coin. Since this  highlights minor surface flaws, coins often look somewhat better in the hand than their images.

Appearance of these images, like photographs,  does not precisely reproduce the appearance of coins viewed under normal room lighting.  Silver and gold coins normally look very much like their digital images, but bronze coins usually have relatively dark patinas. To show fine detail, their images must be very brightly illuminated and often appear somewhat lighter than the actual coins.

Color of these images may be slightly different than that apparent to your eye, because the spectral sensitivity of the imaging  system is not identical to your retina, and apparent colors often change with the level of illumination.

All images displayed on this site are the property of Classical Coins. Except as noted below, all rights are reserved.

Classical Coins hereby grants a revocable, nontransferable, gratis license for noncommercial use of these images on the Internet, or in academic or scholarly publications, subject to the following conditions:

1. The page on which each image is displayed must bear a notice prohibiting use of these images by others.
2. Each image shall be legibly captioned "Courtesy Classical Coins. All rights reserved."
3. A notice of licensed Internet use shall be sent to describing which images have been used and the address(es) of the page(s) on which they are displayed.
4. The site using these images may not offer any articles for sale, be designed to direct visitors to another site or business offering articles for sale, or display advertising from any organization that could be considered a competitor to Classical Coins.

5. One copy of each publication in which images from this site are published shall be provided to Classical Coins (see
Contacting Classical Coins )

This gratis license extends only to noncommercial display of images on the Internet and in academic and scholarly publications. Reproduction by any other means, or for any other purpose, is prohibited without written authorization from Classical Coins.

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