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Ancient Roman coin gifts make wonderful surprises for someone interested in ancient Rome. Whether your  special person is of Italian descent, studied Latin, or has other reasons for an interest in ancient Rome, an ancient Roman coin gift will always be treasured and remembered.

  Price Ranges

Ancient Roman coin gifts are available in price ranges from $10.00 all the way up to $1,000 or more. Here is a quick look at what you can find for various gift budget levels. Most of these individual coins are no longer available for sale. It isn't possible to order a coin directly from this page - those described as "offered" may instead be found on the appropriate listing page (see the Coin Index).

Budget Image Description



Roman bronze coins are often available in collectible condition for  $20.00 or less. This example, bearing a nice portrait of Constantine's mother St. Helena, is offered for $20.00.



At this price level there are many attractive late Roman bronze coins to choose from. This antoninianus of the Gallic emperor Tetricus sold for $30.00.



Silver denarii of many notable Roman emperors are available at this price level. This denarius with an imposing portrait of the great emperor Trajan sold for $55.00.



Denarii of the Roman Republic are often available at this price level. This rare example, struck by the moneyer C. Annius, sold for $88.00.



Denarii of scarcer emperors become available at this price level. This example, bearing a portrait of Nerva, sold for $112.50.



This unique silvered bronze antoninianus of Gallienus sold for $200.00. Although many ancient coin varieties are very rare or even unique, their prices are often still quite affordable.



In this price range one starts to encounter fine portrait sestertii, the most prized of all Roman portrait coins. This scarce and historic sestertius of the great emperor Marcus Aurelius, commemorating the defeat of a great German invasion of Italy, sold for $450.00.



In this price range rare types begin to become available. This rare and historic issue of Caesar's assassins Brutus and Casca Longus ("envious Casca") bears images of the god Neptune on the obverse and Victory on the reverse. It sold for $1,000.00
Over $1000.00 At this price level Roman gold issues become widely available,  although many very nice examples of gold coins from the later Empire may be had for prices well below $1,000.00. This rare aureus of the great emperor Diocletian sold for $2,000.00.

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