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Relocating Classical Coins has been an effort that took a year and a half to plan and carry out.

For ten years Classical Coins offered ancient coins for sale in Goleta, ten miles north of Santa Barbara, California. This beautiful area has an ideal climate - our office was located within walking distance of the beach. A much less attractive aspect of Goleta is the very high cost of office space and doing business. The Santa Barbara area is among the most expensive in California, and our Goleta office was only 300 square feet.

As Classical Coins developed into one of the world's premier online ancient coin dealerships, we rapidly outgrew this office, and had to expand into multiple locations with all the complications and difficulties this involved. Operations became so time consuming and inefficient that securing a larger office became imperative.

We could not find anything acceptable in Goleta, and expanded our search area to include the entire state of California. Eventually it became clear that the Temecula Valley would be an ideal location. Exploring this area began in the spring of 2013, and as the year progressed our search gradually became more focused, until new premises were leased in December. Operations were suspended December 15 to prepare for the move.


Our website is very large and complex, and unfortunately its e-commerce functions could not be reprogrammed to prevent new orders from being entered while operations were temporarily suspended.  This became an issue when the relocation took much longer to carry out than had been anticipated.


We hoped to complete the move in two months, but this proved to be an unrealistic expectation. Everything had to be disassembled and packed into many hundreds of moving boxes, each labelled to indicate where its contents would be located in our new office. Including furniture, this task comprised numerous moving van loads, and the immense packing effort took many months to complete. The strain eventually became too much. In 2014 David had to be hospitalized to recover from exhaustion, while Susan injured her knee and could not continue the relocation alone.



This setback delayed the move until April, and then unpacking and setting up the new office took far longer than had been anticipated. Reassembling the computer network proved to be the most complex and time consuming task, which was not completed until November.

Our new office is ready, and we are now open for business. We thank our customers for their loyalty and understanding during the challenges  of this relocation.

David Welsh

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