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Ancient Persian coin gifts make wonderful surprises for someone interested in ancient Persia. Whether your  special person is of Iranian descent, or has other reasons for being interested in ancient Persia, an ancient Persian coin gift will always be treasured and remembered.

  Price Ranges

Ancient Persian coin gifts are available in price ranges from $20.00 or less all the way up to $1,000 or more. Here is a quick look at what you can find for various gift budget levels. Most of these individual coins are no longer available for sale. It isn't possible to order a coin directly from this page - those described as "offered" may instead be found on the appropriate listing page (see the Coin Index).

Budget Image Description



Parthian bronze coins are sometimes available for less than $20.00. This coin of the great king Mithradates II sold for $18.00.



At this price level Parthian and Sasanian silver drachms begin to become available. This attractive drachm of the Parthian king Vologases III sold for $40.00.



Silver Arab-Sasanian issues of the province of Tabaristan are commonly available at this price level. These interesting coins were issued for many years after the Islamic conquest. This example sold for $50.00.



Fine silver drachms of the Sasanian Persian Kingdom become available at this price level. This example bears a portrait of Shapur the Great, whose conquest and capture of the emperor Valerian nearly destroyed the Roman Empire. It sold for $85.00.



Parthian drachms of the highest quality become available at this price level. This superbly struck example of Vologases III sold for $125.00. Its perfect centering reveals details of the king's bust almost never seen on Parthian coins.



Large tetradrachms struck in Seleukeia and Ctesiphon by the Parthian and Sasanian kings become available in this price range. This choice example with a portrait of the first Sasanian king, Ardashir I, sold for $300.00. Like nearly all Sasanian silver coins, it depicts a Zoroastrian fire altar on the reverse.



Coins of scarcer Parthian kings become available in this price range. This nice drachm of Mithradates I is offered for $400.00.



The Parthian King of Kings ruled over a number of client kingdoms issuing their own coins, the most important of which was the Persian homeland, Persis. This rare tetradrachm of Autophratades, king of Persis, shown wearing a unique ancient Persian headdress,  is offered for $650.00.
Over $1000.00 Before it was conquered by Alexander the Great, the Achaemenid Persian empire struck gold and silver coins in an archaic style, bearing images of the Great King of Persia as an archer. This attractive gold daric sold for $1,100.00.

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