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Ancient Greek coin gifts make wonderful surprises for someone interested in ancient Greece. Whether your special person is of Greek descent, or has other reasons for being interested in ancient Greece, an ancient Greek coin gift will always be treasured and remembered.

  Price Ranges

Ancient Greek coin gifts are available in price ranges from $20.00 or less up to $1,000 or more. Here is a quick look at what you can expect to find for various gift budget levels. Most of these individual coins are no longer available for sale. It isn't possible to order a coin directly from this page - those described as "offered" may instead be found on the appropriate listing page (see the Coin Index).

Budget Image Description



Some Greek bronze coins are available for less than $20.00. This worn but still attractive coin of Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great, sold for $16.00.



At this price level many attractive Greek bronze coins are available to choose from. This coin of Amisos in Pontos, part of what is now Turkey, sold for $40.00.



Greek bronze coins in really nice condition are available at this price level. This coin of Antioch sold for $50.00.



The big, heavy bronze coins of Ptolemaic Egypt make imposing gifts. The largest measure almost two inches in diameter, and weigh nearly a fifth of a pound. This example of Ptolemy III, bearing a portrait of Zeus on the obverse and the Ptolemaic eagle on the reverse, sold for $85.00.



Greek silver coins in fractional denominations become available in nice condition at this price level. This 1/12 stater coin of Miletos, depicting the head of a roaring lion on the obverse,  sold for $125.00. The quality of die engraving on these miniature Greek silver "minor" coins is often amazing.



Greek silver coins in larger denominations become available in this price range. This beautiful stater of the Corinthian colony Leukas, bearing images of Pegasos on the obverse and Athena on the reverse, sold for $225.00.



Among the best known of all ancient coin types are the tetradrachms of Alexander the Great, featuring images of Herakles on the obverse and Zeus on the reverse. This choice example sold for $375.00.



The "owls" of ancient Athens, bearing images of Athena helmeted on the obverse and her familiar, the owl, on the reverse, are another famous ancient coin type. This very choice example sold for $850.00.
Over $1000.00 The most artistic ancient Greek coins were issued by the wealthy cities of Magna Graecia, in lower Italy and Sicily. This beautiful and rare distater (tetradrachm) of Thourion is offered for $1400.00. The strike is somewhat flat on the reverse, yet its style is outstanding. Athena's helmet depicts the monster Scylla hurling a boulder at a ship - perhaps the pentekonter of Odysseus.

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