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Ancient Coin Gifts - Treasures that will Always be Remembered

Ancient coins make wonderful mementos for special occasions. Whether you seek a special Christmas present, a memorable graduation gift, a birthday present or something to express appreciation to a special person, an ancient coin gift will always be treasured.

Ancient coin gifts are a creative way to make a lasting impression on a special person. Whether that person is a business associate, a relative celebrating a birthday or Christmas, or a special friend, an ancient coin makes a lasting impression that few other gift choices can match. An ancient coin gift puts a piece of history into the hands of the person who receives it, and will be treasured and remembered long after more costly but more prosaic presents have been forgotten.

An ancient coin will be appreciated by almost anyone, but is particularly appropriate for someone who has an interest in ancient history, or is of Greek, Italian or Persian descent, or has studied an ancient language such as Latin. An ancient coin makes a wonderful memento for someone who visited Greece, Turkey, Italy or another ancient land and would appreciate something to commemorate that visit.

It is difficult (and usually very expensive) to legally acquire a genuine ancient coin in such countries. Nearly everything offered to tourists, whether described as an ancient coin or another type of antiquity, is a reproduction. A tourist knowledgeable enough (or lucky enough) to acquire a genuine ancient coin in these countries must then get an export permit to take it home, which may be difficult and costly. Attempting to bring a coin or other antiquity home without a permit is a serious violation of the law, which can lead to the item being confiscated and perhaps even a long stay in prison. If you want an ancient coin to give to a returning traveler, or as a memento of a trip you are taking, you will be far better off buying it from a reputable dealer such as Classical Coins.

Price Ranges

Ancient coins are available in price ranges from $10.00 all the way up to $10,000 or more. Here is a quick sampler of what you can expect to find for various gift budget levels. Most of the individual coins shown are no longer available for sale. It isn't possible to order a coin directly from the "Gift" pages. Those described as "offered" may instead be found on the appropriate listing page (see the Coin Index).

Budget Image Description



The most inexpensive ancient bronze coins in collectible condition are found at this price level. This bronze coin from the Macedonian city of Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great, sold for $16.00. Such a coin would be a fine gift for a  student learning about ancient Greece.



Roman coins of the Constantinian dynasty are available in nice quality for $30.00 or less. This bronze coin with a fine portrait of Constantine sold for $25.00.



At this price level there are many attractive coins to choose from. This Parthian drachm of Vologases III sold for $40.00. It would be an excellent choice for someone who is interested in ancient Persia.



Silver drachms of the Sasanian Persian kingdom become plentiful in nice condition in this price range. This drachm bearing the portrait of Shapur the Great, whose victory over the Emperor Valerian  nearly destroyed the Roman empire, sold for $85.00.



Sasanian Persian coins in the finest condition are available in this price range. This drachm of Khusru I, although more than 1500 years old, is in Mint State. It is offered for $120.00.



Among the best known of all ancient coin types are the tetradrachms of Alexander the Great, featuring images of Herakles on the obverse and Zeus on the reverse. This choice example sold for $375.00.



In this price range rare types begin to become available. This  historic coin of Caesar's assassins Brutus and Casca Longus ("envious Casca") bears images of the god Neptune on the obverse and Victory on the reverse. It sold for $1,000.00


If your gift budget supports the Nieman-Marcus catalogue, you might also wish to consider the ultimate  gift for a collector who has almost everything. This superb, massive gold oktodrachm of Arsinoe III, Queen of Egypt, sold for $10,000.00.
For more details on giving ancient coins, see:


To present your ancient coin gift impressively, these accessories are offered:


GBx.jpg GB1 - Gift Box
Gift Presentation Box This attractive gift presentation box highlights an ancient coin gift by presenting it it in a manner similar to that used to display fine jewelry. The box contains a pop-up tab which fits a 2x2 coin flip, lifting the coin at an angle for better visibility. Dimensions: 70 mm square x 35 mm high [2 5/8 in square x 1 3/8 in high)

COAx.jpg COA - Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity

Add to the impact of your ancient coin gift by including a Certificate of Authenticity. This impressive 8.5 x 11 inch certificate is ready for framing or laminating, and attests to the inspection and authentication of this coin by an expert professional numismatist.

An image of the coin you have selected is included in the certificate.

Be sure to visit our Jewelry page for the very finest coin jewelry gifts at attractively modest prices. Both authentic original ancient coins and high quality reproductions are offered at prices to fit within any gift budget.

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