Welcome to Classical Creations, where we pursue the art of personal adornment mixing it with the world of fine art to create a look that's both unique and classical. Enter our realm and choose from our many collections to find the one that suits you and your personal taste. The name of each collection is a link - click on it to be transported to that collection.

Our Collections include:

• Aura – multiple strands of brilliant color or subdued hues, according to your taste.
• Caravans – Exotic jewelry with Middle Eastern themes.
• Celebration – thematic jewelry celebrating holidays world-wide.
• Flashes of Light – wearable druzy crystals in a variety of shapes and colors.
• The Goddess – featuring amulets and talismans that celebrate the feminine.
• Jurassic – beautiful pieces created from the fossilized remains of ancient and mysterious creatures.
• Just Lovely – a potpourri of designs and shapes to please many tastes.
• King Solomon’s Mines – precious gems at a reasonable price.
• Kowloon Kollection – jewelry with a Far Eastern look.
• Lost in Time – jewelry featuring ancient coins from our parent company, Classical Coins.
• Maharani – Indian themed jewelry with an exotic flair.
• Nas Bod (sanskrit for "from Tibet") – exotic Tibetan themed jewelry.
• The Ocean’s Gifts – pearls and ocean-themed works
• Private Collection – unique, one of a kind items, and commissioned works.
• The Sacred – a collection of religious icons gathered from around the world.
• The Warren – a collection celebrating rabbits (our favorite creature!) and other lovable animals.
Classical Creations brings the ancient and modern worlds together with jewelry designed for the discerning woman.
Elegant jewelry doesn't have to cost a king's ransom; but it should be fit for a queen.

All of our work is custom and can be modified for you. Items can be made longer or shorter; changed from silver to gold, vermeil, copper or brass. If you like the accents or the focal pendant, but need a different colored bead stone, a different sized stone, or a different shaped bead, all you need to do is ask! It's that simple. If we can do what you want, we will. We want you to obtain just the result you want, because it's all about you!

Enter and enjoy!  

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