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Ancient Byzantine coin gifts make wonderful surprises for someone interested in the 1000 year history of the Eastern remnant of and successor to the Roman Empire. Whether your  special person is of Greek descent, or has other reasons for being interested in Byzantine history, an ancient Byzantine coin gift will always be treasured and remembered.

  Price Ranges

Ancient Byzantine coin gifts are available in price ranges from $20.00 or less all the way up to $500 or more. Here is a quick look at what you can find for various gift budget levels. Most of these individual coins are no longer available for sale. It isn't possible to order a coin directly from this page - those described as "offered" may instead be found on the appropriate listing page (see the Coin Index).

Budget Image Description



The scyphate (cup-shaped) billon coins of the late Byzantine Empire are available at very reasonable prices. This nice example, bearing images of the Virgin Mary on the obverse and emperor Manuel I Comnenus on the reverse, sold for $30.00.



The large copper folles of the early Byzantine empire bear portraits of emperors in a continuation of the late Roman style. This nice example with a profile bust of Justinian I sold for $65.00.



The finest portrait folles were issued by emperor Maurice Tiberius. This choice example with an expressive facing bust sold for $100.00.



Justinian I issued the largest folles, some of which reached 40 mm in diameter. This superb example with a facing bust sold for $140.00.



Gold solidi of the Byzantine emperors are available in this price range. This superb example bearing the image of the emperor Heraclius and his sons sold for $375.00.

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